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Say goodbye to down jackets and scarves in winter colors and let’s make way for spring, which is a celebration of life. Everything that comes out of the ground elevates the living, hence the bright colors that will envelop us for this long-awaited spring 2023! 

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After this wave of cargos, long skirts and Uggs, I invite you to welcome the new spring 2023 fashion.

This season’s trends are as vibrant and bold as ever. Fashion designers have presented their new collections during the last Fashion Weeks, and the trends that have emerged are diverse and varied.

One of the major trends this season is the use of bright and bold colors. Pop colors, such as bright yellow, electric blue, lime green, fuchsia pink and purple, are very trendy. Pastel colors are also popular, especially pale pink, sky blue and lavender. Floral patterns and geometric prints are also very trendy for spring 2023.

Light and airy dresses are also very popular this season. Maxi dresses, shirt-style dresses, asymmetrical dresses, ruffled dresses and chiffon dresses are particularly popular. Jumpsuits are also a strong trend for Spring 2023, with various color and style options to suit all tastes.

Wide and flowy style pants are also in fashion for spring 2023, especially high waisted pants and wide pleated pants. Midi skirts are also a strong trend, especially pleated skirts and denim skirts.

Accessories are also very important this season, with vintage-style handbags and brightly colored leather bags. Straw hats and wide-brimmed hats are also popular, as well as platform shoes and high-heeled shoes.

In terms of makeup, the trend is natural. Neutral shades for eyes and lips, as well as light textures for makeup products, are very popular. Loose and wavy hair is also very trendy, as well as simple and natural hairstyles.

In summary, spring fashion 2023 is bold, colorful and airy. Clothing and accessories are designed to reflect optimism and joie de vivre, while offering a wide variety of styles and colors to suit all tastes. Whether you prefer light and airy dresses or wide and comfortable pants, there is a trend for you this season.

By Sabrina Zara for Fashion Art Perfumes magazine

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Juliette Dubois Haute Couture Dress

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