Would a simple photo promote the development of an employee? This is the project of this professional photographer: Gil Zetbase


Photographer // owner

Gil Zetbase

 Gil Zetbase realized, almost by chance, that a cliché could influence a person’s morale in the course of their business. “Mercedes-Benz Côte d´Azur asked me to photograph all of their staff for their website. I realized that through this contact, the employees changed their attitude: some opened up more to others, others felt valued … ”Taking advantage of this experience, Gil therefore now offers companies … a photo shoot! “I come to the site and with all the employees, we imagine scenarios where each actor will stage himself in the exercise of his activity. The end result can be the subject of an exhibition or a book edition. In short, an event that will allow us to share the same experience together in order to create a positive dynamic. But the initiative can go even further. Because acting as a real revealer, the photo allows to convey many messages: how the employee is situated in the company, vis-à-vis his colleagues, his activity … In short, a set of elements that a HRD can use to unlock critical or unpleasant situations …

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